The Akazi Project

Thoughtfully handcrafted jewelry designed and powered by women.

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The Akazi Project

In July of 2017, Akazi founders Megan Malone & Hunter Lambert were brought together on a charity cycling trip through Malawi, Africa.  Riding through the country, they were inspired to merge their passion for public health and female empowerment into a greater cause;  developing a platform that empowers, educates, and employs women.   

As these women rode past the lake towns and into the northern-mountain regions, they could not help but notice gem filled trails. With one glance at the rocks that filled an outstretched hand and another glance at each other - The Akazi Project began.

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Style, Quality & the Big Idea

Akazi aims to create a meaningful, hand-made product that meets the fashion-savvy woman's accessory expectations, while establishing a force for good that trickles into communities we work directly in.

Each piece is hand made here in the U.S. and our gems are ethically sourced from the mountainous region of Mzimba, Malawi.

Currently, our efforts are focused on employing women in rural villages & funding the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer screenings throughout Malawi - the warm heart of Africa.  

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