The Akazi Project

Thoughtfully handcrafted jewelry designed and powered by women.


Our partners

The organizations we closely work with that share our vision


Malawi women in mining association

Malawi Women in Mining Association (MAWIMA) is a female mining group located in the northern-Mzimba district of Malawi.  MAWIMA focuses on teaching women the skill and trade of ethical and safe mining as a way to increase opportunities for the driven women they encounter.  Our gems are sourced from independent, female miners of MAWIMA.

kuwala health media and trust

Kuwala Health Media and Trust (KUHEM Trust) is our partnering NGO that actively works on increasing the general education and prevention of cervical cancer, as well as the importance of cervical cancer testing and treatment.  All proceeds from The Akazi Project purchases goes directly to KUHEM Trust to support in the furthering of their efforts.